My thanks to those of you who come to this web site each week to see the State and Local headlines, and read the irregular essays I post on 'Food for Thought.'

This week is the beginning of a new look to the web site.  The application I have been using for many years to build and update the content is for a Windows platform.  My PC is about 10 years old and there are glitches forming on the heard drive - so things are getting a little slow.  I have been using a Mac computer for my photography work and would like to move everything over to the mac.  So that means I will be using another application to maintain this website - namely Weebly.

One big change is the linkage to ongoing Virginia, USA, etc news above my weekly update of news.  Now you simply click on the subject and a new page is opened with the news on that subject.  I hope that works.

Weebly is not quite as good for site design as that I used for the Windows environment, but it works and is free - for the moment.  It also provides the capacity for starting up this blog page.  It also provides for linkage to a Facebook Page of which I do not have and do not know one thing about.  I'll look into that in the coming weeks.



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