Augusta County School Board Budget for 2014-2015

This past Thursday, 032014, I attended the Augusta County School Board Budget Meeting at which the ACSB voted to submit a balanced Operation Budget to the BoS.  The amount submitted was $97,523,417 for 10,305 students, or $9027 per student.  The ACSB members said this was  bare-bones budget and they would like to have at least an additional $2.5 million to take care of things such at cracked concrete sidewalks, etc.  Moreover, they want another $3 million so they can put MacBook Airs in all the schools so that the children will have the proper introduction to the world of computers when they go out into the real world where computer technology is being used as part of the job.  They said they had spent an entire month putting together the budget.   It was obvious from their discussion they are hoping taxes will be raised so, in their words, "the children can have what they deserve."

Almost $100 million for about 10,305 students is a lot of "deserving".  One month of planning to come up with almost $100 million in spending suggests the 'planning' was shallow and hastily done.

For the most part, 95% or more, Mac computers are not the platform used in the business and technical job market.  The platform of Windows-based.  Mac Book Airs cost from $1000 - $1100 each.  A Windows laptop of similar capacity and functionality costs $300 - $400 each.  So not only are they using computers that are not frequently used in the job market they are using ones that cost 3 times that which they should be using.  It sounds as though the school system is caught up in what they think is impressive and glamorous rather then cost-effective and realistic in the job market.

So I have to wonder if much of the almost $100 million is similar poor planning and not cost effective?  If you are a tax payer in Augusta county you might want to get involved.
  Just a thought.  Its your money.



04/28/2015 9:37pm

Augusta County Public Schools is a school district in Virginia


$100 million is similar poor planning which you have organized through this article and I considered that it is really good help for the poor children or students that they can easily continue their education with this wonderful help. I really appreciate your good work.

01/26/2017 8:56am

Thanks a lot for providing the information for students of Augusta County School.

08/01/2017 9:21am

School contributions happen every year as the schools are still in need of equipment and devices that will help the students' learning process. But as a parent, we have the power to know where these contributions go. Of course, that's your money and the amount you have contributed for these MAC computers isn't a joke. In every amount you give, it is your right to know what it is for!

01/28/2017 4:45pm

Budget cuts in education affects the students. Also the future, because the students are the future. The government needs to put money back into the budget because without it students can't get their full education which keeps them from a better future and a better life . If schools plan on making classes bigger but they cut the teachers then each student may not get the full attention they need or help. Also if schools plan on cutting sports they are also cutting scholarship opportunities for students to get into college.

06/07/2017 1:03am

I think that nowadays everyone use Mac computers. And iPhones. Apple is everywhere!

07/23/2017 5:39am

I'm trying to save my money. And I'm always opened to really useful advices!

09/28/2017 3:35am

Government allots certain budgets for education. Especially for public schools and for its students. They also have programs like scholarship for those who are incapable of paying for their education. But why does most students still receive less quality education? What is the problem with our system? Is it because of corruption or just because of the mentality that education is something that is not worthy of attention? I don't think so. Everyone deserves a quality education.


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