Where are the Minds and Attention of the American People?
I was listening a few moments ago to Glenn beck.  He was talking about the fact that Barack Obama has blatantly lied as to what he and the Pope discussed.  What the Vatican reported as the subject content of the conversation between the Pope and Obama was exactly opposite.  Glenn's surmise was that Obama knows the People are not paying attention and really do not care.  I think he may be correct.

A little over one week ago the Augusta County School Board held a budget-reporting meeting.  The audience consisted of school teachers and a few parents who objected to the closing of a particular school.  There were only three people who were not either teachers or parents.  In other words the tax payer, the ordinary citizen was not interested.  But a consequence of the new school budget is that the Board of Supervisors now plan to raise Real Estate Taxes 10 %.  I can almost guarantee the People will not turn up at the County Budget hearings to express their opinions, other than the teachers and the parents who agree with the School Board's argument that "it is for the children and they deserve that money being spent."

But it is not only this local matter for which the general public, the People, is disengaged.  Most people do not know or care what happens in the annual Virginia General Assembly Sessions.  They are not aware and could care less there are some 3000 bills introduced each year and that many of those bills end up as State Code which regulates, controls, and taxes the People. 

Most People are not paying attention to what is happening in Washington D. C.  Most people are more involved with "Dancing with the Stars" or "Idol" or "The Walking Dead."  In many respects We the People are the Walking Dead.   You do not agree?  That makes you angry?  If it is not the case then why do we have these circumstances at Local, State, and Federal levels?   And no, the number of us who listen to talk radio, watch FOX TV, or read Breitbart are a small minority of the American population.  You do not believe that either?  Then go to Wal Mart and ask the woman or man in the aisle their opinion on some of the matters for which you may be concerned.

Rush Limbaugh said some years ago he it is not the fact that governments have gone awry that concerned him.  He was concerned with whether or not a majority or more of the People agreed with government.  I read recently, within the past several days, read the same said by someone else of more a historical sense.  Well Folks be concerned.

There was a time in which i held faith that the American People would not allow or support what is happening in our governments.  That time has past.  The People do not seem to care or be concerned.  And the reason may be they agree with what is happening in government.  I hope I am wrong. I sincerely fear I am correct.


10/31/2016 6:26pm

American people think always positive but the need is to provide major rules to select the president in this age. I think Hillary Clinton should be the president because she's most brilliant and experienced lady and perfect for this job. Your information is all right and I thanks for share this amazing info.

01/08/2017 7:37am

Well, it was just his point of view. I am not agree with him but he could be probably right.

01/20/2017 12:49am

It's interesting what will happen in government the neares time ;) A lot of suprises are waiting for us!

04/27/2017 12:27am

I think this is all true. Whatever Pope and Obama talked about, the people has the right to know all of it. Every details are important to the nation. It is not just about them, but it is about for the future of all being. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this matter. It helps a lot to whoever reads this.

08/24/2017 12:53am

People have gone unconcerned with all the happenings in the state because they are so much involved in their own personal matters which are obviously of more importance to them. Hence they consider the political issues as the unnecessary ones to consider.


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