What Does Congressman Goodlate Mean in Reference to Immigration

by the Words  “Grand Bargain”

Edward R. Long, Ph.D.

Lets begin with a clear understanding.  There is no intention here to support, or not, Congressman Goodlatte.  There is no attempt to interpret what is in his mind or what is happening behind the scenes.  You will have to form your own opinion and decide what trust you have.

Two days ago, May 2, Jonathan Karl of ABC tweeted, click HERE: Goodlatte to @jonkarl: still searching for "grand bargain" on status of undocumented immigrants. "Believe it will happen."  This tweet was picked up and reported by Matthew Boyle of Breitbart, click HERE, and by Hot Air, click HERE.

Both Breitbart and Hot Air stated “ABC News’s Rick Klein Tweeted that Goodlatte told ABC reporter Jon Karl at the event that he is “still searching for ‘grand bargain’ on status of undocumented immigrants,” and that Goodlatte does “believe it will happen.”  Needless to say, those are fighting words.  And since I have spent a lot of time talking to Congressman Goodlatte about his intents and position on Immigration and reporting what I think he means my first reaction was ‘I have been sold out.’

But before first screaming ‘foul’, or something stronger, I dug around.  The following is what I found.  It is a May 2 article by Erin Dooley, ABC, click HERE. The title is “Top Republican Refuses to Predict When Congress Will Vote on Immigration.”:

Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., declined to predict today whether comprehensive immigration overhaul will get a vote in Congress anytime soon.

“My job isn’t to predict when it’s going to happen. My job is to build the consensus that we need to have immigration reform,” the congressman told ABC News’ Jonathan Karl during a live interview at the Newseum today during the second annual Creativity Conference.

But Goodlatte acknowledged that fixing the country’s broken immigration system could help bolster the nation’s vibrant creative community.
Congress must address immigration “starting with enforcement [and] going to legal immigration reform,” he said.

“Our immigration laws are not being enforced in many ways. … We’re blurring the distinction between legal immigration and illegal immigration, and the longer we wait, the worse that’s going to be,” he added. “And there are new laws that are needed.”
He added, “The grand bargain here is, we need to have an agreement that if we find the appropriate status for people who have been here a long time and pay back taxes and pay a fine and do some other things … allow them to stay here, but for the future, there would be zero tolerance of illegal immigration.”

The United States should also focus on attracting skilled foreign workers, who are often educated at U.S. colleges and universities, Goodlatte told Karl.

“We want them to stay here and create jobs here,” he said.

Goodlatte, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, touted the proposed Supplying Knowledge-based Immigrants and Lifting Levels of STEM (SKILLS) Visa Act, which would eliminate visas granted via lottery through the Diversity Visa program and instead grant them to STEM workers.

So, to paraphrase Paul Harvey, this is the rest of the story.  It appears Jonathan Karl tweeted a few words for the purpose of stirring up matters.  Certainly Breitbart and Hot Air did not do their homework.

Nothing here is new.  This is exactly what Goodlatte has been saying all along.  NOW UNDERSTAND, I am NOT covering up for Goodlatte.  NOR am I saying that the man has my implicit trust – no politician has that.  But fact is this is what he has been saying all along.  He wants to pass two of the four immigration bills that have been marked up in the House Judiciary Committee ‘that starts with enforcement and going to legal immigration reform’.  Then he appears to want to pass the other two bills, one dealing with agriculture workers and the other with taking advantage of foreign nations educated in American university/colleges in areas of science, technology, engineering, and math, STEM.     If you wish to read more about this then click on the following: ReportOn032814ConversationWithGoodlatte-Part1of3-040414.

As I stated in the article, Goodlatte includes determining what can be offered to the children brought into the U. S. by their illegal alien parents.  And he is also asking what is to be done with the 11+ million illegal immigrants, i.e. as he states in the ABC article: “The grand bargain here is, we need to have an agreement that if we find the appropriate status for people who have been here a long time and pay back taxes and pay a fine and do some other things … allow them to stay here, but for the future, there would be zero tolerance of illegal immigration.”  Is this palatable?  Not entirely, if for no other reason than I have no assurances what it exactly ends up being, what it means for jobs for Americans, what is means in terms of a voter base for Democrats, and a host of other related matters.  Do I understand this isn’t simple – yes I do.

There is pressure by Silicon Valley companies on Goodlatte to make foreign national STEM workers.  There is pressure on Goodlatte to make foreign nationals, presently illegally in the U. S., available for agriculture work.  You have heard the words: “American workers will not take low-paying, agriculture jobs”, “there are not enough American graduates in STEM professions to meet the needs of high-technology industries.  Yes, American companies want to pay as little as they can get away with.  If they have to pay a lot more then they will pass the cost to the buyer in the form of higher food and other product prices.

The choice of whether or not any of this will happen is up to you the reader.  If you do not want Goodlatte doing any thing, such as passing the four bills, if you do not trust Boehner and cantor, or Goodlatte, then send them an email or go to their web sites and use their web mail or phone their offices or make an appointment with them and tell them what you want and do not want.  But understand what I am saying here – nothing in that which Goodlatte said is any different than what he has been saying. 

Yes, there are more important and more immediate matters that congress should be focusing on: Benghazi, the NSA, and the IRS to name a few.  THE IMPORTANT MATTER HERE IS WHAT DO YOU WANT HIM TO DO AND WHETHER OR NOT YOU WILL EXPEND THE ENRGY TO TELL HIOM WHAT YOU WANT



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