Where Does the Republican Party Stand on Immigration?
For over a year I have been probing where Congressman Goodlatte stands on Immigration.  I have spoken with him at length many times, the latest being for about an hour this past March.  I have watched the House Judiciary Committee, which he chairs, markup four Immigration Bills.  I have listened to that Committee hold hearings on Immigration.   I have repeatedly been impressed that Goodlatte is determined to protect our borders and our interior against illegal aliens.  He has convinced me that this, and solving the overall immigration issues, comes before we look at some process to legally employ aliens for Agriculture and American-educated foreign brain power for our high technology industries.  Recently there was a news article that cast some doubt that Goodlatte's position was as I have been convinced, click HERE.  I followed up on that article and seemed to have found that article was more intended to sell news and the author, see my May 4th posting.  But even with this I am not certain that this is the position of the Republican Party. 

The reason for this uncertainty is in news articles, such as click HERE, in which Congressman Paul Labrador
offered a potential immigration deal to the White House, saying the GOP would agree to loosen penalties on illegal immigrants if President Obama would agree to increase visas for foreigners who work in high-tech fields.  This appears to go hand-in-hand with Boehner's apparent determination to move on Immigration, click HERE.  On the other hand there are those, such as Congressman Gohmert, who take firm opposite postion by stating there’s no reason to believe President Obama will enforce new border security provisions when he’s ignoring the existing ones, and Gohmert contends that extending any sort of amnesty will be economically crippling to the U.S. and politically lethal to the Republican Party, click HERE.

So my realistic take is that the reason for my uncertainty is that there appears to be one h--- of a battle going on in the Congressional Republican Party Caucus, one led by Boehner, Cantor, and other leaders who want an Immigration deal that leans towards a Democrat position AND one led by Gohmert, Steven King, Trey Goudy, Chaffetz, and others who oppose any measure that offers amnesty.  And where does Goodlatte stand?  I hope it is where he has been telling me, otherwise I loose a lot of Face.  My slogan is "Never trust, always verify" and for over a year I have earnestly attempted to 'verify'.  I hope it is with the Gohmerts of the world.  As one of my close associates in the Tea Party said, "We'll assume that what he says he stands is where he stands and if he does not then we deal with him." 
Then I suppose I'll know if I should trust.



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I am not into politics that much that's why I do not have any idea regarding the stand of the republicans in this issue. But whichever side they are, I will not support them if they are not on the side of what's right. I may not be into politics that much but I also care for the welfare of the country and its people. What's good for people will always be my choice no matter what!


Republican party do a great work for the welfare of Augusta people and I really wish more people talk about this but this is truly helpful post for everyone. You have written well unique and important info which is really valuable for everyone. I thanks much for share this nice instruction with us.


I think they don't support it at all. Am I right about it? It is a good article.


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The writer blog post on May 11th, 2004 is about the probing question he is she posing to the congress people of the country. The writer’s question is all about immigration and the view point of the Republican Party on the immigration.


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