It’s a Fracking Matter

This week there was an entry on the American Thinker Blog entitled Hollywood biggies caught on tape agreeing to hide Middle East funding for anti-fracking film.  James O’keefe, the conservative audio/video sting master who has exposed numerous scumbag endeavors by the left, unions, and Democrat politicians has scored big on this latest.  He has documented the likes of actor Ed Bagley, actress Mariel Hemingway, and director Josh Tickell and wife willingness to make an anti-fracking movie to destroy the use of fracking in America, to cancel any opportunity for U. S. energy independence, and to deny any hope of fuel for warmth and chemicals for medicine and other everyday products.  All those big shot Hollywood types want is the money they can make and the egotistical enjoyment of forcing ruin on a country they hate, all at the expense of ordinary people.  Go to the linked headline above, or click the following for the Breitbart article, James O'Keefe Dupes Hollywood with Fake Anti-Fracking Film, to see the report and a 20-minute video that captures live the hypocrisy of Hollywood environmentalists.



11/23/2016 7:00am

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01/10/2017 12:36pm

Ok, I will check out this informative report right now! I am so excited about it!

09/19/2017 2:00am

This story is quite interesting. Though it has something to do with a problem of a certain nation, I would love to know where the story will go and how it will end. I know that some people prefer simple topics and problems that are not too complicated to be solved. But I would still want to know how this piece of James O' Keefe will end! I am looking forward to know this more! You did a good job for this update.


Thanks for sharing that video report! That is really wery nice to watch! Thanks!

08/10/2017 1:05am

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