U. S. University STEM-Educated Foreign Students
                                              (Do We Need Them to fill Positions in American STEM Businesses?)

According to REPORT: REPORT: No shortage of high-tech worker in US... and Scholars hit Silicon Valley for abusing guest worker program... the answer is NO.  Two people, Michael Teitelbaum and Hal Salzman, have, in the past several weeks, written much that shows Silicon Valley’s insistence on the need for U.S. Educated Foreign Students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) professions is possibly entirely fabricated to meet those high-tech businesses own agendas.  Salzman in particular has used data from many sources to show that there are far more U.S. citizen STEM students and graduated professionals to fill the need – as much as two times – each year!  Salzman, Teitelbaum, and others have also shown that major organizations, such as RAND and the National Research Council, have reached the same conclusions.

So why has the Silicon Valley industry said the need exists for H-1B VISA-enabled foreign STEM professionals?  Salzman, Teitelbaum, and others, such as Norm Matloff and Ron Hira, are essentially telling everyone, “Follow the money.”   And, to be fair, Silicon Valley types may have simply not done their homework.  But the ones who really may not have done their homework are the drafters of H. R. 2131, Congressman Darrell Issa’s “SKILLS Visa Act.”

This is going to have a major effect on whether or not there is anything done on immigration by August 2014.  This is going to have a major effect on whether or not Issa’s bill is brought to the floor.  This will have a major effect on Congressman Goodlatte’s effort for a systematic treatment of immigration.



10/20/2016 12:53am

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11/04/2017 2:50am

We are aware of the global crisis that happened in United States of America lately. Though there were workers who have lost their jobs, it was still declared that it was not a big problem and everything has been under control now. But because of this, people around the globe had a second thought of working in US already. They are afraid to spend money for their application and getting kicked out soon. I hope everything about this issue will be cleared.

02/01/2017 5:17am

You are probably right about it. I don't support this program too. It's my opinion.

02/02/2017 2:33am

It have effected so much on all that. How can you comment this situation now?

05/17/2017 2:47am

Will this really have any effect? 2 years passed from your article. What can you say now?


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