My blog entries (posts) are erratic - because (1) there are too many things competing for my time and (2) I prefer essays to the shorter blog format.  But in this case I think I can put the matter to my thinking in little words.

My thought for why the fFederal Government wants to look into the Puckett resignation has to do with trying to enable a Democrat replacing Puckett rather than a Republican.  If enough innuendos can be made that Republicans are illegally doing something that might lead to an additional State Senate seat then that would stir up the Democrat base in that district and cause substantial Democrat money into the race
.   QED - the Democrat candidate wins. 


09/08/2016 12:26am

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11/01/2016 4:21am

I prefer essays as you too! I think it's the best thing for writing your thoughts on web!

04/12/2017 2:19am

Short blog format is very good too. I like reading short posts)

08/02/2017 1:50am

What candidate won this year? Also Democrat?


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